Interior Material (FROS)

Design Advantage

1. Excellent texture of skin (nonwoven fabric / fabric) (low hair collapse)

2. Adapts will to deep drawn areas

3. Possibility of integrated hinges

4. Possibility of thinning (Min. 0.9mm~)

5. Nailing, Tacking and Sewing are possible

6. Products can be recycled

Performance Advantage

1. High stiffness (PP comparison 1.4 times)

2. Good heat resistance

3. High impact resistance

4. Low hygroscopicity, hygroscopic deformation

Cost, Manufacturing Advantage

1. Skin sticking adhesive is unnecessary

2. Good formability (low temperature 170℃, low pressure 4kg/cm2)

3. Simultaneous trimming with molding

4. Possibility of scrap materials

5. Possible to use recycled materials such as bumpers (painted parts)

6. Prototype with resin mold is possible

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