“Providing superior products and services in terms of quality, price, safety, and others” is stated in the Vuteq Group’s basic guidelines on corporate activities. Based on the idea that quality improvement is essential to be an “indispensable company” to our customers, we are working on group-wide quality improvement activities by holding various events. In addition, in order to improve the quality of products and services provided to customers, we also believe it is necessary to ensure a safe and healthy working environment with comfort and affluence for individual employees. Therefore, we are also promoting Safety & Environment activities that purpose throughout the group.
“Health and Safety Activities” to ensure workplace safety
The Vuteq Thai conducts various activities every year for Health and Safety Presentation to ensure safe and healthy workplace. We will continue to work together to maintain safe, healthy and vibrant workplaces.
Safety & Environment Presentation Activity
State of announcement
Safety & Environment announcement
Safety Culture Campaign Event 
KYT & Hiyari-Hatto Training
Safety Operation Check
Safety and Environment Presentation Event” 
Safety Day Activity
Safety Shopfloor Management
“Forklift Skills Competition” to improve forklift operation skills
The Vuteq Thai regularly holds “Forklift Skills Competition”, aiming to improve the forklift operation skills for accidents-free and safe yard operations and product transportation. The safety in yard operations has been greatly enhanced through this competition for which forklift operators are making efforts to brush up their operation skills including basic operation, safety check, and pallet transport techniques, which are demonstrated in front of other employees
Lifting the Pallet
Forklift Operation
Point & Call for confirm
"Safety Training Center" to learn safe work procedure
At the headquarters of the Vuteq Thai, we have a safety training facility called “safety training center”, where employees can learn how to work safely. Skilled instructors provide training and education to workers by setting up areas where they can experience actual operations of lifting devices and other equipment, and also they can learn the dangerousness of individual operations. New employees are required to attend the training course in order to prevent injuries and ensure safety at the workplace.
Vuteq Thai recognizes that it is a company’s duty to actively carry out global environmental conservation activities and takes actions with the aim of becoming an “indispensable company” that is friendly to both people and the earth.
Environment Policy
Vuteq Thai Company Limited is committed to social responsibility, environment and stakeholders by will the principles of good corporate governance Through the continuous operation and improvement activities Safety, occupational health, and environment are the most important things. Therefore established a policy to supervise and protect all processes and activities with the following guidelines.

1. The company considers environmental, safety, occupational health, and environment operations. It is the responsibility of all employees. By providing education and training for all employees to stimulate and cultivate mental consistently conscious of the environment, safety awareness and occupational health.

2. The company will comply with the law. And standards related to environmental safety and occupational health within the company Ready to strive to achieve the objectives and goals set.

3. The company is committed to eliminating hazards and accident reduction. and work-related illness by controlling the nature of risks and opportunities. Along with establishing standards for controlling occupational health risks of safety for both employees of the company and contractors. Including property damage and the public by defining objectives and goals Ready to communicate with relevant persons to implement.

4. The company is committed to the conservation of energy and natural resources. Reduce the amount of waste to the environment and take measures to prevent pollution problems and the chemicals from the company’s operations.

5. The company will control and select equipment, raw materials, chemicals, including procurement. That is environmentally friendly as well as to control the performance of various departments both inside and outside to stay within the law, customer requirements, company standard and expectations of stakeholders.

6. The company is ready to hear opinions from every department of policymaking, including environment, safety, occupational health and environment to bring to review and improve, including guidance to assist in working safely of employees at all levels contractors and outside agencies to promote safety behavior.

7. Make it published build an understanding of and communicate safety environmental policies for employees and contractors throughout the organization Including those operating on behalf of the organization and to bring disclosed to the public at all time.

Thinner Recycle Machine
Waste water Plant
Solar Energy

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