Automotive Part

In the Plastics Business, we mainly manufacture, painting, assemble and deliver plastic molded parts for automobiles. They range from large to small parts, including such interior parts as door trims and quarter trims, and such exterior components as front bumpers and fenders. Those interior and exterior parts play important roles that affect the quality of automobiles, so reliable quality and delivery are requisites.For that reason, in the Vuteq Group, the headquarters‘ technical center cooperates with the AMERICA technical center from the production preparation stage of parts manufacturing, and as a result, we are highly regarded by our customers for efficient construction of the entire production processes, including part mold design,preparation of production equipment and ancillary equipment, and installation of inspection jigs that guarantee high quality products. In Thailand, we are also manufacturing raw materials for automobile interiors, this material are used in many car models as materials such as luggage sides.

3000 ton Injection Molding Machine
Automatic Painting Line (Electrostatic Paint)

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